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Fundraising Wine

At Jacks Wine we have had a lot of experience at both supply and delivery for fundraisers both small and large.

No matter what sort of fundraising organization you are we can assist you in sourcing the correct wine at the correct price and deliver to you a great reward and make the whole process simple and easy.

You may decide to use either labelled wine that we have from a failed export order or from a winery that cleared a vintage to make way for a new one, buying at a price such as our give you the ability to sell at below retail and still make a healthy profit for your organization.

You may decide to use cleanskins and either sell them as cleanskins to raise funds or better still you may decide to put your own labels on the cleanskin wines to reflect your organization and the contribution that people have made to raise funds.

You merely give us the details of what you would like on your label, images as well the message and we will format the label and then send you a proof before we label the wines and then send them out to your clients. You may decide to use and existing labelled wine and merely put a back label with your own personal message.

You may decide that this is to hard for you to organize and you want us to do everything. Yes we can do this and if you have members all around Australia this is not a problem as we can list your wine on our website and your members buy the wine we then label the wine as per your requirements then send it out and deliver it to their door, it is that easy. Then when the promotion is finished we tally up the sales and write you a cheque for the funds that you have raised. All this is done without you having to do a single thing except market the wine to your data base.

The most important thing that you must realize is that at Jacks Wine this is what we are good at, we have done this before for fundraising organizations before you and will continue to this for fundraising organizations after you as well. We do this and we do it well.

We will ensure that the wine is at the destination in perfect condition, that it has the message that you want, and it has the effect that you need and meet your budget, simply by ringing us and having a discussion is all that is required.

What ever your requirements are no matter how bizarre that may believe they are it costs you nothing to give us a call or drop us an email.

So contact us now you will be surprised how simple the process is.

Email us at enquires@jackswine.com.au