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Wine: Flip Flop Pink
Reviewer: Ginnette Loft (NSW)
Rating: 8.5/10
Review: I'm not a great fan of the pink stuff usually, prefer a drier style BUT...the flip flop pink IS an exception! Gorgeous strawberry/raspberry aroma's immediately remind me of summer, which is much needed after a long, cold, drawn-out winter. I've only had it chilled, and I think it needs to be served like this, to take the edge off its slight sweetness. It certainly isn't cloyingly sweet, it just has a that berry creme brulee type sweetness, with the lovely vanilla flavour to offset the berries and double cream! Yes, this little gem is a bit like a delicious chilled summer fruit dessert, but in a glass, and makes you feel like winter is just about over! So for all those looking to throw off the winter blues, I suggest you pour a glass of flip flop pink, enjoy the taste of warmer weather coming, and look forward to summer! PS: not only that, its fantastic value too, which is always a great bonus!!!

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